"I have worked with Jeff Beal as my real estate appraiser and expert witness for almost 15 years. I would highly recommend Jeff for any real estate valuation matter. He is a highly esteemed expert, he knows real estate so well it is an absolute pleasure to have him on my side. Jeff has testified for me in court numerous times over the past 15 years and is always insightful and helpful in trial preparation. Additionally, Jeff is a valuable resource for any valuation questions to come up. I have called upon Jeff hundreds of times to advise as on valuation issues and to give me his assessment as a real estate expert. Jeff is always available and never says no to any request. As an aside, Jeff is also a very highly respected Adjunct Real Estate Professor and Appraisal Instructor. I have spoken to some of his students and he is very highly thought of by them.

I again, highly recommend Jeff for any real estate or real estate valuation issues.
Please contact me if you have further questions or need additional information."

Philip A. Sanchez, Esq.
Sanchez & Polovetsky, PLLC


"I have known Jeffrey Beal for nearly two decades in his capacity as a Hearing Officer for the New York State Unified Court System.  Approximately four years ago, we found ourselves in need of a valuation expert to both prepare reports and provide testimony on behalf of our clients.  Mr. Beal was the obvious choice, and we have not been disappointed.

Mr. Beal’s professionalism, knowledge, responsiveness and guidance have been invaluable to our firm and the clients we represent.  His accomplishments and credentials place him at the top of his field, yet he is able to explain complex valuation issues in a skillful, down-to-earth and persuasive manner in the courtroom.  We have retained Mr. Beal for multiple projects since 2019, and his work has been consistently admirable.  I cannot express enough gratitude to Mr. Beal for all he has done for us, and I highly recommend his services."

Mark H. Miller, Esq..
Maidenbaum & Sternberg, LLP


"Thank you for all of your hard work throughout the pendency of this extensive litigation and the preparations for trial. While this matter ultimately settled on the first day of trial, your involvement in this case was essential in allowing us to come into trial well-informed, confident and fully prepared on the critical issues. It was a pleasure working with you in this matter."

John A. Pappalardo, Esq
Partner Farber, Pappalardo & Carbonari


"I had the distinct pleasure and fortune of working with Jeffrey Beal on a very complicated property damage action involving a panoply of damages including a highly disputed valuation of the structure. His thorough and insightful analysis of the issues was not only decisive on various evidentiary issues but resulted in the favorable settlement of the action. I would retain his services in the future without hesitation."

George S. Evans, Jr., Esq.
Ahmuty Demers & McManus


"Jeff Beal is an expert real estate appraiser who has been retained by us ,on behalf of many of our clients in condemnation matter over a number of years. His services have been invaluable. His knowledge of property values and his ability to understand how a given property affected by a partial taking by condemnation has been damaged, which varies greatly both in amount and circumstance from case to case, has greatly assisted our office in maximizing the just compensation to which a property owner is entitled in emminent domain matters. His appraisals in litigated matters have often resulted in recoveries of two, three and four hundred percent of what the condemnor originally offered. We highly recommend his services."

Edward Flower, Esq.
Flower, Medalie & Markowitz


"In the course of defending a very high exposure personal injury case in 2013, we retained Jeffrey Beal to determine whether the value of the renovations to our client’s building exceeded 60% of the value of the building before it was renovated in 1977. This calculation was critical to determining whether the owner needed to comply with building code amendments which had been enacted in 1968, and could have required safety features which the building did not have.

Over the intervening years, documents needed for the calculations had been lost by the Department of Buildings, and our client had disposed of records because the investment had been fully depreciated. Jeffrey was very determined to reconstruct both the value of the building and the renovations, and he was most resourceful in finding the information he needed from alternate sources. He produced a very solid report concluding that the client had not exceeded the 60% threshold, and we used that report to secure a favorable outcome for our client. "

John L.A. Lyddane
Partner Martin Clearwater & Bell LLP


"Jeffrey was our expert in an action brought by a lender (our client) against a real estate appraiser for professional malpractice. Shortly after Jeffrey submitted his Affidavit of Merit, the defendant suggested mediation – pre-discovery. Jeffrey was a valuable member of the mediation team, contributing to the opening presentation and offering valuable suggestions during the day-long breakout session. The client was delighted with the outcome (which is all I am permitted to say). Jeffrey is now our “go to appraisal expert. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me."

Charles A. Stewart, III
Stewart Occhipinti, LLP


"As a land use attorney in practice for 40 years, I have worked with numerous real estate appraisers. Jeff Beal is one of the best. I highly recommend him"

Bruce W. Migatz, Esq.,
Partner Albanese & Albanese LLP


"Jeff has always made himself available, whenever and however needed. His knowledge on property valuation issues is vast and encyclopedic.  Jeff is an invaluable resource to whom we have referred time and again in varying contexts, and whom we look forward to relying upon in the future when need dictates."

Ron Kaplan, Esq.


"Jeff Beal was very thorough in his analysis of the real estate evaluations in my case and particularly helpful in gathering historic information about the property. I found him very easy to work with and responsive to all my requests".

Wayne C. Kreuscher, Esq.
Partner Goldberg Segalla


"Thank you for the excellent work you did in preparing a complex appraisal for a tax certiorari proceeding. It resulted in a substantial settlement. The property was a complex, mixed used property, and your ability to analyze and make the necessary adjustments to the comparables, resulted in a very credible appraisal which contributed to the sentiment.".

Randoph M. Medalie, Esq.
Flower, Medalie & Markowitz


"I have worked with Jeff Beal on many contested valuation matters over the past 20 years. Jeff knows appraisal theory and is very good testifying in Court."

Richard G. Fromewick, Esq
Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein



"I have routinely looked to Jeff Beal to provide my client and the courts with appraisals that are thorough and reflect an accurate market value. Jeff's approach is always comprehensive and complete, so that all parties involved feel confident that the value is an unbiased reflection of the market. When you enjoy a reputation like Jeff's, it helps resolve even the most contested valuation issues. I enjoy working with Jeff immensely."

Linda Redlisky , Esq.
Rafferty & Redlisky, LLP


"I retained Jeffrey Beal on two matters involving proof of diminution of property value. He was professional and thorough. He explains things clearly. He helped bring about the settlements we wanted."

William P. Walzer, Esq.
Davidoff Hutcher & Citron, LLP



"Jeff Beal and his company Real Estate Solutions, Appraisers and Consultants, assisted my law firm in evaluating the value of a property that was a subject of litigation. Jeff was very helpful and effective throughout the process. I highly recommend him and his company."

David A. Kaminsky, Esq
David A. Kaminsky & Associates, P.C


"Real Estate Solutions is a professional appraiser. They know the reality of the art of appraisal. They understand the importance of context. They understand the difference of when an appraisal is being conducted for estate tax purposes for litigation and for tax certiorari. They have been particularly adept in formulating appraisals for estate tax purposes including discounts of minority interests, special use valuation and Section 6166 payouts. I recommend them."

Gary S. Josephs


"Jeffery Beal was very thorough in his analysis of real estate both in Riverhead and Flanders, NY. His appraisals were very helpful in preparation for a condemnation trial, as well as supplying an appeal appraisal for New York Rising. I would not hesitate to use Real Estate Solutions for all my future work."

Kevin Conlan