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Why Video Marketing Gets You More Face-time with Prospective Clients

Do you see opportunities where others don’t, or wait till the masses get on board?

Were you one of the first firms to get a website? Did you invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when others didn’t and saw huge returns?  Use email marketing to keep in touch with a broader audience?

If you are one of these personality types, then this post is for you.  

It is all about video and how lawyers, accountants, commercial real estate agents and other professional service firms can get started, or double down on a video strategy that is cost-effective, sustainable and impacts their digital business objectives. 

First off, let’s dispel the myth that video marketing for professional service firms takes away from you building “personal relationships” with a client.  It doesn’t.  You will still need to meet, or Zoom, with that client, explain why you are better and more skilled than others and showcase your expertise… And build trust with that client in order to get their business. 

However, what video marketing WILL DO for you is help you get MORE opportunities to build a personal relationship with a prospective client.

Why? First off, you need to be where your customers start looking, with a whopping 89% of people using the internet during the B2B research process.  And even when you get a referral, those people will first visit your website before connecting with you.  Clients are in the driver’s seat these days and video marketing content will do the most to lure them to you.

Video marketing for professional service firms – like firm overview videos, and FAQ videos that answer common questions that people are seeking answers to – reinforces that referral and starts that trust between a company and a client.  And the difference between a website with online video content and without online video content is that a website with video will showcase a partner’s expertise, skill sets and personality. In addition, video marketing will give people the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time... and that is what everyone wants!

These core attributes of online video content build the “know”, “like” and trust factors that attorneys, accountants and other professional services need to build to drive new business opportunities.

The best types of videos for professional service firms to get started with video marketing

Business development for professional service firms is all about making sure new clients experience a partner’s skill sets, personality and bedside manner.  This builds trust and credibility with clients for firms to get new casework.

And in the process of building this trust, professionals like lawyers and accountants have to answer questions that clients have... giving them information they need to make decisions about you.

To generate new business opportunities using video marketing, you should be looking to mimic this top-of-the-funnel activity.  Thought leadership videos and FAQ videos will generate the most top-of-the-funnel opportunities because they are giving answers to the questions that people are searching for.  Furthermore, thought leadership videos and FAQ videos will get your partners in front of the camera to start building that personal relationship.

What other marketing medium is going to allow you to get those partners out in front of people on a very wide basis?

Multi-purposing your video marketing content for a high ROI

Once you implement the right video marketing strategy, you can multi-purpose it across other digital marketing channels.  Online video content is superior because video allows you to use that video
•    in blogs
•    in your email campaigns and client alerts
•    on your website
•    on bio pages
•    social media
•    industry pages

And when your video marketing strategy cranks out evergreen thought leadership videos and/or FAQ videos, these videos will last for three, four or five years.

What other digital marketing investment can you make that will last that long and allows potential clients to get to know partners before they pick up the phone?  

Even in a COVID-remote environment, professional service firms can create quality thought leadership videos and FAQ videos with Remote Video Capture, a remote video production solution. 

Just like websites, email marketing and SEO were “just getting started,” video content is an essential part of today’s marketing for professional service firms.  Now is the time to not fall behind your competitors, but jump ahead of them by engaging your next client.

See you in front of the camera!


- by Robert Weiss of Multi Vision Digital
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Great, I clicked on art your free trial” and now I’m convicted of murder.

ME: Well, I said bye to someone and but then we started walking in the same direction so I panicked and murdered them.
JUDGE: Case dismissed!


ME: I plead insanity.
JUDGE: We need proof.
LAWYER: My client consistently shares motivational quotes on social media.
JUDGE: Wow, ok say no more.


LAWYER: my client is trapped inside a penny.
JUDGE: what?
LAWYER: he’s in a cent.
JUDGE: you’re going to jail with him.

ME: no one can hear you scream in space.
MY LAWYER: u gotta stop saying weird s*&% to the judge man


JUDGE: how do you plead
MICHAEL: [looks at Sam]
SAM: [mouths “not guilty”]
MICHAEL: hot milky
SAM: just lock him up already.                        


ME: your honor, the defense rests.
*puts eye mask on, sets pillow on desk.*


Why did the lawyer’s chicken cross the road?
He had an easement.


JURY: We find the defendant so guilty, he’s swung around to innocent, like going over the top of a swing set.
JUDGE: I’m going to allow this.

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